Don’t Fall For The Suppressed Premise Behind Anti-Immigration Rants

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Robert Reich is right about demagoguery running a muck in our election process for the highest authority of the land. When it comes to Trump and Carson they take 1st and 2nd prize on Best Demagogue in the presidential race. It is not surprising what Robert Reich as mentioned here that invokes the ideology and angst that relegates minorities to 2nd class citizenry.

At one recent rally, after Trump denigrated undocumented workers, his supporters shoved and spit on immigrant activists who had shown up to protest. At other Trump rallies his followers have shouted at Latino U.S. citizens to “go home” and yelled “if it ain’t white, it ain’t right.”

Trump followers have told immigrant activists to “clean my hotel room, bitch.” They’ve beaten up and urinated on the homeless, and and joked “you can shoot all the people you want that cross illegally.”

This behavior is reminiscent of Jim Crow Era movements to segregate society but more so socioeconomically. Such divisive behavior appear more like a majoritarian democratic evolution of civility toward non-white minorities and has the backing of institutions that could put forth such unconstitutional constraints on immigration policy.

However as I noted in a previous post earlier there is more that underlie these enthymematic arguments of which I will obligingly fill in here…

Donald Trump does not have to explicitly state all the viscerally bigoted remarks that are inherent to the white sphere and status quo of privilege and discrimination. Rest assured that Trump can rely on these oftentimes silent and hidden in plain sight supporters that he has boastfully emboldened, garnered and inspired to imbue such messages of ironic nativism that check, inform, and regulate second class citizenry of whom can only be relegated to marginalization in America.

For reasons other than the commercialization of dissension and divisions within our society, the national media has seemingly supported demagoguery instead of true leadership by downplaying incidences like these. This is made to to make the discordant issue of race a one-sided card game that give the impression that minorities are ungrateful and bitter inhabitants who seek to destroy the white nativists’ version of America.

This remarkable display of sincere fiction is tantamount to the continuation of racial survivalism and is quite apparent that this is more than just aimed at anti-immigration with the incessant barrage of spoken and visual enthymematic arguments being made to sustain inequality.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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