Donald Trump Jr Gives Thought-Stopping Lecture On ‘Free Speech’ Being Undermined By Receiving A College Education

FYI, the free press was barred from this private event at a public institution.

At the time of this composition no official transcript of the speech has been made available. The sources cited are from various national and local media cited below. A Denton Record-Chronicle reporter was reportedly in attendance.

The University of North Texas’ Kuehne Speaker Series reportedly paid Donald Trump, Jr. $100,000 to voice this specious opinion at a rate of roughly $2,857 per minute.

“A lot of other universities don’t teach civility or intellectual openness anymore,” Trump said, speaking to 800 people seated at white tables on the home turf of the Dallas Cowboys at AT&T Stadium. “They’ve become captive to political hatreds. That’s how innocent questions become verbal assaults.”

“Hate speech,” he said, “is anything that says America is a good country and our founders were great people, that we need borders. Hate speech is anything faithful to the moral teaching of the Bible.”

Universities, he said, too often make this bad deal with parents: “We’ll take $200,000 of your money; in exchange we’ll train your children to hate our country … we’ll indoctrinate them and punish them if they disagree with us. … We’ll make them unemployable by teaching them courses in zombie studies, underwater basket weaving and, my personal favorite, tree climbing — but that’s only because it’s deer season.”

According to Trump Jr, it appears that universities and colleges across our nation serve as a bastion of — not traitors and communists this time around like in the McCarthy era, but — left leaning, liberals who they see as elitists, of whom complain and show disdain for Christianity, and show no love of country.

I have never attended such a university or college, and I have attended quite a few. One important thing about going to college or university is the exposure it inherently offers to, and it’s facilitating of diversity. This, however must be a very bad word and terrible concept to Trump Jr and company.

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This existential threat in the tribalistic minds of conservative, nationalist, alt-right, right-wing, Tea Party, evangelical, and Republican Party groups is formed from a culmination of motivated ignorance, insensitive beliefs, racism, resentment and religiosity. It is proffered through identity politics positing diversity as this subtle white genocide, as if, a real thing.

The New Yorker published an article by Thomas Chatterton Williams that provided some historical and cultural background to xenophobic ideas that give the appearance of being respectable. It speaks to the sincere fictions of race and its acceptable tolerance that exude the just preservation of whiteness — privilege and superiority imbued through civic pride and nationalism.

Never the sole preserve of the far right, this view was conveyed most bluntly in a 1959 letter, from Charles de Gaulle to his confidant Alain Peyrefitte, which advocates withdrawal from French Algeria: ²

It is very good that there are yellow Frenchmen, black Frenchmen, brown Frenchmen. They prove that France is open to all races and that she has a universal mission. But [it is good] on condition that they remain a small minority. Otherwise, France would no longer be France. We are, after all, primarily a European people of the white race, Greek and Latin culture, and the Christian religion.

The current American version of this is #MAGA, with its border wall, immigration stances, and its majoritarian machinations of othering with all its subjugate conditioning of democratic limitations.

Donald Trump Jr.’s presumptuous game of let’s pretend with his alternative version of what is deemed “hate speech” employs thought-stopping clichés. Reality seems to elude those trapped in the white fog of delusion with a strand of victimization and fragility provided by the spectacle of Donald Trump. This brainwashing foments many of the divisive elements that have already been implanted into the American psyche with continuing racial overtures from the onset of the Trump administration’s mantra of political incorrectness which serve only as part of the stratagem.

Brainwashing is the dream of controlling other people’s beliefs and behaviour so effectively that they do not feel manipulated — as if the imposed beliefs were their own. This potent nightmare taps into the basic, and very strong, human desire to feel that we are agents in control of our lives, not pawns in someone else’s strategy.¹

The Opportunity To Go To College Should Still Be An Equal Opportunity Right

Selling this absurd idea or notion in exchange for votes that are based on insensitive beliefs — which only signals a right to an opinion and not a declaration of fact — is essentially false advertising of the unworthiness of a college education via politics. This is an obscure buy-in to another wayward social construct which actually scares people away from attending college.

I came across an illuminating piece in the Salon by edwin lyngar, who shared his ups and downs towards attaining his baccalaureate like so many of us, but which also spoke to the growing suspicions that the right presumes about higher education.

Before college, I voted conservative, hated gay people, loved America and served my country in the armed services. I’ve changed because of many factors, but I know that college and graduate school made a difference. I met people unlike myself and was forced to defend sometimes ugly political positions. The Tea Party thrives on blue-collar “common sense” that is composed of a combination of ignorance, superstition and fear. A literate and educated populace is an existential threat to the kind of thoughtless rage that has consumed the right over the past few years.

He further adds this poignant point about this pervasive form of anti-intellectualism…

In our own country, we have a massive and growing group of people who would rather have illiterate children than let their kids learn anything that contradicts their most extreme religious views.

There are truisms employed in the politically false advertising rhetoric and tropes of the current administration. When there is collusion and complicity within the political media complex to normalize hate speech, nationalism and racism coming out of the Trump administration, an overwhelming feeling of incredulity offends me. We are fed a daily diet of truisms that seem incontestable and spuriously open-ended. For example, Hate Speech is protected speech now🧐, really!?🤨. While the power to opine may well be within your right, the nefarious intent to incite, defame or defraud other human beings are exceptions to the First Amendment. A diversity of thought on this matter would easily conclude that, if only they knew.

It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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