Donald Trump: Your Paternal Savior-in-Chief

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Donald Trump’s apparent paternalistic charm is seen as encouraging for his supporters as he reaches to pat the backs of his now targeted fan base of a certain group of American citizens–with heritage deriving from a composition, in varying degrees–of whom are of the ethnic African diaspora, or otherwise known as black people. They seem to share with their fellow equal, but separate sisthren and brethren of the alt-right, a similar vision or mirage of major opportunities proposed under a Trump presidency. These proposals layout a series of ground rules for socioeconomic promise, security and order in a country that has been made unruly and unsafe by an Obama administration said to have inspired only more racism, where racism is said to have not existed.

The adoption process is rather simple — fill out your ballot, accept the euphemistic dominant racial framing, and subscribe to the narrative of “Making America Great Again”. And don’t forget to give into the divisive notions of framing inequality and the xenophobic national security fears promulgated conspicuously by republicans over the “audacity of hope” that President Obama has sown during his administration.

If we are to continue to live under America’s roof, then there are also some tacit rules. If it were made explicit it has and would be been ruled unconstitutional; however “stop and frisk” and other forms of profiling should be the new norm adhered to, or expect a serious timeout. Or worse you could be kicked out based on your immigration status. The timeout may go on your permanent record as a Trump grounding, or put simply time served. Civil order is something we need to make a priority under a Trump Administration’s roof.

This form of paternalism reared its head in a few of his recent speeches where he mentioned that “Our African-American communities are absolutely in the worst shape that they’ve ever been in before — ever, ever, ever”. Sure. He will be focused on whipping those communities back into shape, right!? My guess is that if elected he will be the absentee dad that just says things but won’t have the presence nor the interest to offer the time and the tools necessary for those fixes to ever take place in these alleged communities. Instead he might just find blame with excessive maternal nurturing and spoiling of the government with supposedly egregious welfare policies placated by Democrats whom contributed to placing those alleged communities in a predicament anyway.

And America has been a terrible mother to you apparently.

“You live in your poverty, your schools are no good, you have no jobs, fifty-eight percent of your youth is unemployed–what the hell do you have to lose?” Trump explained.

Plenty apparently, if your soul is of any worth to you, because what is disconcerting about this paternalistic governance is that it will draw on the paternalistic superiority and framing with emotionality towards African-Americans that the founding fathers had provided. Remember we are here to “Make America Great Again”.

Now there most certainly will be the typical favoritism shown to certain groups who show an inclination to behave and perform accordingly to this dominant system, its reversion and its principles, with reverence and gratitude to Trump, for which he might show some additional privileged benelovence with policy making. For the rest, understand that the next four years will see you getting over your newfound marginalization.

A trait that comes with the paternal father in Trump is this “trust me” and “do as I say and not as I do” mantra, which you should find condescending but know that it is for your own good and possibly your own safety. Make sure your taxes are prepared in accordance with IRS rules. Results will vary. Don’t get caught fitting the profile that conjures white fear. Don’t complain or rather don’t protest. And don’t fact-check the man, for Trump has spoken.

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