Don’t Self-Deceive Your Way Into Believing There Is A National Emergency

The self-deceivers are simply promoting self-deception to further their cause

The goals of this president is to seize undue credit, autocratically press civil servants for loyalty at the expense of democracy, and aggravate people of color. The knee-jerk reaction of Trump’s apologists with their dissemblance to resentment and their fear-induced perception of a diminishing return on investments in fraudulent social constructs of white supremacism, American exceptionalism, and entitlement has reached critical-mass-hysteria — ersatz national crisis.

It runs deeper than a sociopolitical dilemma. The folly of antithetical immigration policies that runs as a counteroffensive to democratic principles, and to the very essence of the country’s multicultural appeal makes our state of the union disconcerting and exasperating.

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If you are convinced by President Trump’s callous inventions then you are simply fooling yourself into being misled

This is not a national emergency though

It is this sort of self-deception that gives stupidity astonishing merit. Jerry Falwell Jr. the president of Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA., who is the son of the late southern baptist televangelist and founder of said university, has used self-deception to deceive flocks and flocks of self-deceivers. The nepotism of Falwell Sr., ensures that his flock would continue on this path of self-deception.

By reading this excerpt from the Washington Post’s interview with Mr. Falwell Jr., it becomes clear how self-deception works to deceive self-deceivers.

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The evangelical paltering has myopic benefits but its consequential short run will have devastating long term effects which will be seen in its declining membership in congregations for years to come.

The number of white evangelical Protestants fell from about 23 percent of the US population in 2006 to 17 percent in 2016, and only 11 percent are under 30, according to a survey of more than 100,000 Americans.

“We found that the politics of the Christian Right was salient and controversial in evangelical and politically conservative congregations, where we found various measures of decline,” Djupe said.

“So, political disagreement (and other measures of difference) is an important driver of weakening attachment to churches, but that disagreement could be over anything and it has to be linked to dynamics within the congregation.”

The dynamics at play here are inseparably informed by the scourge of self-deception, particularly by this egregiously trite paltering.

The risks of paltering.

But the researchers found through their experiments that the risks associated with paltering are huge: If the deception is discovered, negotiations often reach an impasse — and even worse, negotiators who palter can do serious harm to their reputations that can permanently sever relationships.

There are a plethora of psychological biases that we can blame this on but none so formidable than self-deceptive biases. The awareness gleaned from the science hasn’t changed the downward trajectory of our collective path. The awareness by itself only excuses further bad judgment or double-down on it. Those who we have been electorally tasked to manage or lead stand firmly entrenched into their terrible biases paid for by their narcissistic supply. And we are all paying for these bad decisions in one way or another.

The symbolism of building Trump’s signature campaign promise has its intents. Its malintents. It is undeniable how this wall, much like confederate statues will instill white supremacy as a hallmark while promoting the self deceiving idea of a border wall that increases national security.

So far the incentives provided by under this presidency — tax cuts, proposed tariffs, border wall wrangling has been narrow-minded in the scope of governance, short-sighted with regard to socioeconomic sustainability, and rapacious for the self-indulgent opportunists or bandits among us. Such motivations does not comport with democracy and its pursuits. Equally harrowing are the disincentives provided by this leadership that incentivize self-deceivers.

The controversial matter of self-deception is defined with an absolving effect by the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, but certainly makes clear that there is this motivation to obfuscate the truth to great effect as to also deceive oneself by it in the face of objective truth.

Minimally, self-deception involves a person who seems to acquire and maintain some false belief in the teeth of evidence to the contrary as a consequence of some motivation, and who may display behavior suggesting some awareness of the truth.

The tendentious claims of border security with all its specious reasoning to misappropriate $5 billion is evidently being distorted by palterers like Tomi Lahren who seem to be making a good living from it and yet can never substantiate Trump’s claims. But leave it to a kid to substantiate where $5 billion would warrant such appropriation.

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More on self-deception…

And yet insofar as self-deception represents an obstacle to self-knowledge, both individually and collectively, it is more than just another interesting philosophical puzzle. It is a problem of existential concern, since it suggests that there is a distinct possibility that we live with distorted views of our selves, others and the world that may make us strangers to ourselves and blind to the nature of our significant moral engagements.

The fallacious moral argument of Trump’s border wall for border security is an untenable conclusion to immigration policy. The wishful thinking of Trump apologists behind the border wall for border security does not adequately explain this phenomena for it is steep in the comprehensive self deception of racial heirarchy and its preservation.

The self-deception of our country’s “national emergency” is based on bad intentions. The government shutdown is based on bad intentions. The mindlessness of Trump‘s policies and the disinformation from his administration makes the malintent very detectable. If you are convinced by President Trump’s callous inventions then you are simply fooling yourself into being misled.

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