Emjay you’ve written a stirring and insightful piece that makes it abundantly clear that there is a sufficient lack of acknowledgement, respect, and appreciation for black women. This is an unfortunate global epidemic though. As victims of varying degrees of slight, black women are grossly underserved in many aspects of society as you so eloquently mentioned.

This preponderance of such depraved indifference towards black women is neither tolerable nor desirable. As a black man it is also quite discerning to see this slight intraracially play out — oftentimes to much dismay commercially for affect — resulting in fractious familial or social dynamics. The heightened awareness that you have contributed here deserves more than just a nod.

It is quite evident that for black women generally it attributes a negative valence that is rife with cynicism which I have experienced on more than one occasion. I digress here but it makes it all the more real for black women in terms of the conditioning and of this unique plight.

However, I feel compelled to answer the subtitle of your piece “Is Black Unity Just A Facade?” In this context it is no more a facade than white unity is. The only thing missing is the privilege of such unity socioeconomically, which seems threatening from outside of our racial bounds, and from within seems to pay very little dividends in terms of social capital.

Black unity is definitely real but on a holistic level and it is profoundly moving to a point of envy. Disenchantment with the plight and the ill-perceptions that follow could lead you to question it but I am cautioned by the resentment it inherently conjures as there are other forces acting to promote such divisiveness and it would be counterintuitive to take wayward black feminism to task on all black men. I know that this is not what Emjay is conveying here but I am more impassioned by this piece to contribute a resolve that makes Black unity a more tangible form of social capital, one that equally benefits and supports our cause.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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