Even though Steve Harvey’s comments are much ado about nothing, there is however something paradoxical about the respectability politics on display here that is cringe-worthy of critique.

Mr. Harvey’s censure of Snoop Dogg’s parody is concisely an attempt to both placate the President’s narcissistic sensibilities and to strip away the Doggfather’s artistic license. Ever the opportunist, there appears more to be gained by placing a divisive wedge within the psyche of members of your own racial community in this overarching scheme of divide and conquer politics being played out.

Respect is earned, not bestowed

Mr. Harvey’s social capital is predicated upon the familiarity and support of his comedic expression and his professionalism in the entertainment arena and has no doubt enabled him serendipitously — economically empowered. One would hope that at this stage in his career that he has not been taken in by misgivings of deluded individualism, a common trope for the conservative republican ideology. I am sure Harvey’s personal story is nod-worthy amongst the Horatio Alger aficionados in billionaire circles but, Does it make his ongoing bio that more credible by submitting to authoritarian values?

I don’t think so. And although we may be rendered speechless by the simplistic cliché that everyone is entitled to their own opinion it doesn’t necessarily come with the validation of being right.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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