Exactly. This shows how intractably cut throat this business of management is and needs to be in order be perceived as “winning” or being successful. Even though there is substantial evidence to the contrary. For one you have to be a great liar. And you have to do this without an empathetic conscious.

You also have to learn to smile while doing this, reassuringly with confidence. You can’t see people for what they are — humans, you can only see them as what they are to the organization — (as ROA) — assets, pawns, or chattel.

These extremely capitalist behaviors and attitudes are a cultural phenomena based on patriarchal values. Even Jeanie Buss is categorically judged by and against the standard of a man in that social hierarchical position which will warrant dehumanizing scrutiny in society.

Dehumanizing attitudes and behaviors frequently occur in organizational settings and are often viewed as an acceptable, and even necessary, strategy for pursuing personal and organizational goals. Behind this view, there lie a number of commonly held beliefs about dehumanization. These beliefs are culturally determined, rather than based on scientific observation. One such belief is that subtle forms of dehumanization, such as disrespect, condescension, and neglect, are innocent and inconsequential. It is also commonly believed that empathy interferes with problem solving and that therefore, suppressing our naturally occurring empathy, and the dehumanization this suppression entails, are necessary to help us make better decisions and improve our problem solving capacity.

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