Exhibit A. The vanity and insanity of whiteness. Trump exemplifies this for them and for us. The longer he remains in office the longer the affliction will last. The phrase “people like us — we have very high levels of intelligence” smacks of racism, bigotry, and last but certainly not in the least, misogyny.

These grotesque elements more importantly support a rogue agenda underwritten by a subversive sociopolitical and quasi or semi-religious group — evangelicalism.

Among political evangelicals, at one ideological pole stand those who purport to see a seamless connection between their agenda and that of the current chief executive. “I think evangelicals have found their dream president,” Jerry Falwell Jr. gushed last May. An oft-heard variation on this view is that Trump may be a sinner, but he’s one chosen by God for a providential mission.

And they know this. Every non stupid person — from the helpless, ineffectual, intelligent and the bandits — knows this much too.

…these sympathetic critics fail to grapple with the idea that Trump’s racism and misogyny might actually resonate with the evangelical base, which happens to constitute about 35 percent of the GOP coalition. In fact, racism and intolerance are more woven into the fabric of evangelicalism than these Christian critics care to accept.

The contorted explanations for the evangelical support of Trump

One version of a familiar defense of evangelicals goes like this: Evangelicals held their nose and voted for Trump despite his obvious flaws because they needed the deal he offered. They felt besieged by a swift-moving culture that, under President Obama, insulted their faith and threatened to rob them of their religious liberties, forcing them to do things like bake cakes for gay couples and create gender-neutral bathrooms in public places.


This fake-ass victimization with its false narratives suggests only a longstanding bid to usurp sociopolitical power. By also claiming this nefarious heritage and this cultural assault, they undoubtedly provoke social unrest with deleteriously anti immigrant, anti black, anti gay, anti feminist, anti suffrage, anti progressive, and anti democratic arguments.

…the primary evangelical political narrative is adversarial, an angry tale about the aggression of evangelicalism’s cultural rivals. In a remarkably free country, many evangelicals view their rights as fragile, their institutions as threatened, and their dignity as assailed. The single largest religious demographic in the United States — representing about half the Republican political coalition — sees itself as a besieged and disrespected minority. In this way, evangelicals have become simultaneously more engaged and more alienated.

So when you hear phrasing like that or this…

They’re making a mistake because I have a gut, and my gut tells me more sometimes than anybody else’s brain can ever tell me. — -Donald Trump, President of the United States

…you know where it resonates from. The vanity and insanity of whiteness and their evangelicalism as a front.

This part of our discussion contains excerpts of my forthcoming piece.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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