This is what self correcting religion looks like by the way.

Thank you sir.

I was really beginning to think that Black people like yourself “in the church” didn’t exist. I stand corrected.

There is absolutely no reason to placate or forgive whiteness and then continue the unsolicited subscription to its vanity and insanity. That would be feeding the beast.

Racists will oftentimes get away with deflecting or attempting to flip the script when confronted about their racism mainly because of systemic complicity which factors into the spineless, and the indifferent as their witnesses. You can add the forgiving to this list. There is no such thing as white innocence. The unwillingness to challenge them or the too willing to stay out of it is deliberate enough. Wracked them with guilt and quite possibly some shame, then denialism shouldn’t come easy for them.

“sick and tired of being sick and tired.” — Fannie Lou Hamer, Civil Rights Heroine

You have gained a follower sir.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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