Facts. All of this.

I can’t add to this because it is already full with substantive logic. What I can do is complement this potent piece Sam, if I may, to demonstrate continuity of those facts.

Racism is nothing more than a defense mechanism, it is not genetic nor evolutionary, despite the unsolicited subscriptions and insistence of motivationally ignorant scholars, and or sophists with their dubious interpretations of varying societies of the human race.

This is utterly psychological in terms of mortality — which comes from anxiety and insecurity that promulgate into avarice. The response to this heightened ill-gotten sense is entitlement, greed, prejudice, violent aggression, and status seeking just to name a few.

This is both why and how we see this deindividuation take place.

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The construct of whiteness will never accept the immanent accountability in the subjugation, oppression and dehumanization of others. They would rather find specious reasoning for why they had to resort to doing so usually by some faulty fallacious excuse behind fear. The other half of that equation is the anxiety that comes with perpetuating wrong-doing and the use of manipulative licensing to create terror and formulate enmity.

According to Terror Management Theory, the motivation of these behaviors is to enhance one’s sense of significance or value in the face of death, or to gain a sense of security or belonging, as a way of protecting oneself against the threat of mortality. In my view, racism is a similar response to a more general sense of insignificance, unease, or inadequacy.

It is also a symptom of stupidity because mortality is inevitable for humans.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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