Facts! This logic is what you won’t find from most of the leading psychologists, sociologists, and behavioral experts who are predominately white. The vanity and insanity of their existentialism will not permit such belief sensitivity to threaten their already shaky position on a racialized hierarchical ladder they built for themselves — and preposterously reinforce with apathy — for humanity to follow, which by the way most of us will continue to resist or refuse to climb onto.

The haughtiness tied into this existential entitlement and privilege trapped in whiteness dubbed their “manifest destiny” shamelessly exposes their own ineptitude in perpetuating the sham of a social construct they hardly acknowledge but needlessly defend. Indeed, “they cannot handle this privilege realistically”, and have admittedly resorted to pretending that they can by the polite fiction embedded in the false charity of deeming the vanity and insanity of their plight as the “White Man’s Burden” — laughably.

Many have pondered why it is taking people of color — who far outnumber whites as a collective — so long to face down this threat against humanity. I find that a major contributing factor is the way they use capitalism — even communist or socialist nations — to disadvantage or disenfranchise people of their basic human rights as not only a form of suppression but in fact an oppression. The world has become a socioeconomic commodity rather than a evolving human experience juxtaposed with the essence of time.

I find that the zero-sum fallacy or worldview has distorted our interdependence as a human race and that some of the overwhelming despondency as a response as fed into or has been complicit in what should have been profound resistance to the concept of racialized whiteness.

And if they are able to get away with this for so long without treatment or without cure — for generations upon generations — surely the narcissistic racism in this collective could plausibly be seen as something of a disease that very well have them haplessly strickened or genetically predisposed to it like some autosomal recessive disorder.

Thank you Marley K. for inviting me into this deliberative discussion. As Mia George as pointed out, there is and will continue to be a groundswell of POC — who will conceive of a way to decapitalize on whiteness and its racializations — who will step up and have to lead whites out of the darkness they have created for themselves.

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