First of all, where are the claps for this piece?

Secondly, If I may, and I will, I would like to comment on this freethinker propositioning. The freethinking that Kanye erroneously espouses is not freethinking rather it is the opposite. West is simply adhering to an oppressively privileged in-group’s fallacious reasoning of ritual and habitual whiteness — their authority, their tradition and their customs of racializations, with their pseudo revelations.

Free-thinking is premised on truths not narcissistic revelatory musings that are void of chance and matthew effect occurrences.

The free-thinking of Janelle Monae that you eloquently described here is not only transformative, but informative, and this comes easy for her to impress upon the masses in the visually creative platform she utilizes so effectively.

She practices to do no harm with her music.

Great piece, Tiff. Keep them coming.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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