First off I am grateful to have met your acquaintance here on Medium and I hope your holiday was ‘peaceful’ in mind and in spirit. Being truly grateful for our persistent existence as a people here on this troubled earth is self-evident.

Secondly, I love the way you drop your articulated bombs on them. The stupidity is so overwhelming at times you certainly find yourself going into either fight or flight mode.

While it was straightforward for the groups you mentioned to receive reparations, it has been a strain to get reparations for victims of slavery. The sheer magnitude of it all would eviscerate the appearance and performance of whiteness — the vanity and insanity of it all.

To expose the dramaturgy of their false identity is so psychologically impairing for them and so fear-inducing, I mean just look at how all the trolls behave when truth is written. They imagine that the sort of reparation we seek would be for us to turn them into slaves for 256 years to be even. That would be very simple-minded of them. Like we would really want to be like them, or trade places with them. Vanity and insanity.

It also inculcates coonery. By the way, one myth about slaves shown in Hollywood films and such is that Africans were used for unskilled, physically demanding labor. No this is absolutely not true. Our ancestors were more than often used for highly skilled labor — construction — and craftsmanship. Our ancestral sisters made their clothes, cooked and created menus of meals — such expertise that they even reared and nurtured their children.

Our persistence — perseverance, faith, resistance, triumphs, and power as a collective is already an intimidating problem as you already know, especially when members of their own race recognize and acknowledge our persistence. They have seen many in thier so-called master race join humanity instead which terrifies them even more.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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