First off I find this retrospective piece refreshing and comprehensive with an objective approach that warrants further discussion part and parcel. I have laid out a couple of the highlights to expound on from my very own perspective.

Millions of Americans like Donald Trump. Democrats have trouble believing it, but it’s true.

I was dumbfounded by the polling results of Iowa, Wisconsin and Michigan during the night of the election. At that point it became clear to me — not as a Democrat nor Republican voter, but as a pragmatic voter — how terribly we overestimate competence. In fact we underestimate how much incompetence is in circulation among our citizenry. In doing so we ended up forfeiting the value of decorum, candor, and acumen for motivated ignorance and the illusion of explanatory depth. The result of which is the appealing charlantry of Donald Trump.

We are all guilty of this to varying degrees, but from opposing perspectives it became apparent that we became feckless participants in our own democracy, taking for granted and ignoring what has trajected America’s greatness up until this point, and instead having our determined fate left to fascist reality-sitcom-styled populism.

Those who lean democrat and condescend upon the absurdity of Trump supporters can now find satire in their own doing and will have to face this for the foreseeable future under the Trump Administration…

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This is also what it looks like when attempting to take to task what has been rationally and plausibly stated by the author Mr. Grossman upon reading this following statement.

Trying to understand Trump supporters is worthwhile, and respectfully engaging people with different points of view is important. But as a matter of political strategy, Democrats shouldn’t bother pursuing Trump supporters.


Although this has become increasingly hard to accept, the acceptance itself is relatively easy, but for many including myself it remains incredulous how such generous or copious even, benefit of the doubt is dangerously being bestowed on such incompetence. Even though polls suggest that President Trump is languishing in dismal approval ratings, the president nonetheless seems invigoratingly confident and seemingly more popular despite of the general public’s waning or regrettable confidence.

Motivated ignorance is, at its most basic, a state of not-knowing that is cultivated or maintained by a person in order to serve their motives (i.e. their desires, interests, needs, or goals). _Lauren Michelle Woomer

In order to get beyond this and truly find middle ground we will need to stop giving into our harmful unhealthy biases. This will require all sides to recognize and own up to our humanistic shortcomings or shortsightedness and become more willing to desegregate and comprehend our country’s founding, and its perserverance better, as well as evolve the current politics that has had devastating effects on our psyche thus far. We don’t need to declare war on adversaries out of fear or on ourselves for that matter to come together and save our republic as documented by our history.

We will need to dispel the motivated ignorance that compels us to assume that democracy is basically a zero-sum game. We need to renew and re establish American values that coalesce with the American spirit that has enjoyed profound global influence via its mirroring of aspects of the world’s populations instead of overshadowing others and pursuing nationalistic protectionist policies that are fear-based and contradicts what it means to be an actual American.

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