For most, Americanism (its characteristics and qualities) is constructed via the sincere fictions written in the historical text as well as reinforced or glamorized in Hollywood cinema. This speaks to the construction of American values and ideals.

I would like to add that this concept of “overcoming racism” bit is a problematic misnomer as it is always being awkwardly presented as a natural progression in life. This conceptualization is artificial and false. Many people fail to realize that racism is manufactured to support white supremacy (a.k.a. “whiteness”).

Some have gone as far as depicting racism as a disease or mental illness that ultimately warrants medical treatment or intervention therapy. This is wholly inaccurate and a form of guilt and scapegoating. I guess we are still searching for a cure for this in the same way we are seeking to rid ourselves of cancer. Nice try but no.

Which leads me to this final comment on the widely accepted opinions suggested by The Siren Speaks. Whoever claims to have never experienced racism probably isn’t aware of its sophistication, and like the ones who perpetuate it, they too are ignorant of the overwhelming apparent evidence. It is laughable that anyone could attempt to rationalize let alone minimize it.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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