For reparations to be effective, institutional change is mandatory, and that won’t change until racializations — and emphatically whiteness as a zero-sum phenomena is removed from the American conscious.

That sort of stupidity just doesn’t go away like that. The American system of social constructions is hardwired this way, because by design in the constitution the institutional callousness of inequality is the framework.

An instance of this callousness was in the form of slavery reparations which passed in Congress called the Compensated Emancipation Act in 1862— whereby slaveholders were compensated for the cost of emancipating human chattel or slaves, because you know democracy can be so inconvenient at times.

You follow that up with the New Deal Act and others and you see this pattern.

For civil rights what we got in return was mass incarceration, segregated housing, and more income inequality. Every time inequality is challenged and seemingly won, whiteness is compensated for the socioeconomic costs for that on-paper gain. Don’t look at what the election of Barack Obama got us, look at what it got them in Donald Trump.

If healthcare is made accessible for everyone then whites (in contradicting fashion of those in need) would rather not have it then, and feel it is best to do without it. Whiteness intact.

They claim that this would be enabling those who want to game the system. Ain’t nobody better at gaming the system than them. Hands down.

And so this zero-sum game calculation within these equality compromises, or this dangling of reparations can only happen if there is this massive subsidization of white privilege and entitlement. And guess who pays for that huge subsidy?

A massive redistribution program would be in the tens of trillions of dollars by my estimates. [emphasis in the bold] Also, if you are not stupid this could only boost the economy by the way. Feel free to ask me how my version of the program would work.

Of course the chorus you hear on FoxNews on the impossibility and unfairness of reparations due to how America has been so progressively kind to Blacks thus far without merely a thanks is supposed to slap in the face of humanity. I guess when we overlook their inconveniences (sacrifices or progress they would say) we’ve become ungrateful in return.

Whiteness in this regard is like being down only 2 packs of tobacco cigarettes a day without receiving nary an acknowledgement of what was given up as a sign of acting in good faith. By the way smoking tobacco is not only bad for your health it is also bad for the health of those around you.

Substitute that for racism and we get this annoying withdrawal symptom from inequality. Racism is one helluva drug.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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