Frequently I Am Just Rendered Speechless

Trump’s epochal reign as commander-in-chief reveals a magnification of the country’s bigotry

In order to sustain this noxious racialized predominance in communities across the United States, it apparently has to be thoroughly and vicariously maintained at the top as well as through various institutions. The performative dissemblance and mendacity to truth with moral conviction provides ample cover, time and persistence to an ideology ripe with iniquitous intent.

A racist demagogue serving them and only them as president of the United States is a conscionable stance taken to assert the social dominance orientation of privilege, entitlement, and power to constrain and limit the inalienable rights of others who do not placate, pander, nor indulge this collective’s vanity and insanity in whiteness.

So when you have mere humans viscerally showing contempt for their own biological species due to the color of their skin, creed, or socially constructed position the realization becomes more than just clear, it actually befits a mental representation and shading of white supremacy.

Trump flunkies, Trump Republicans and Trump supporters appear to evoke mental representations that posit them as arbiters of humanity. They provide false narratives and white framing of the social dominance orientation that entitles or privileges their status at the detriment of and to their benefit of disadvantaging others. They consider the inequality and violence it incurs as winning, even though countless lives have been lost or damaged by its scourge.

It appears okay for them to determine reality even amongst the collective, if they dare to contemplate and resist that false reality. It is not okay for them to resist challenge nor question their SDO even as member of their own pseudo profound collective.

To them it is okay to show contempt towards people of color. But it is not okay to call them out on it, and protest their unlawfullness. It is okay to use the very institution that superficially serves and protect but was designed mainly to control, maim, and kill Black people through the use of Black codes, the Blue Wall of Silence and other Jim Crow era tactics.

It is okay for them to determine and demonstrate how much Black Lives Matter in this instance

“This is what happens when you don’t comply with the cops!” yelled the man who was kneeling on the other man’s neck, according to a video shared to social media. “Comply with the cops and this wouldn’t have happened! He didn’t comply!”

The man added, “It’s his fault he’s dead, not the cop!”

It is okay to misconstrue and misrepresent and then celebrate actions of police via manslaughter or homicide committed towards Blacks in particular or people of color as just desserts or in just-world theorizing. It is also okay to display insouciance when confronted with or shown these societal ills. It is not okay for people of color to be upset or saddened by these injustices. It is not okay to demand more in terms of tolerance, empathy and compassion for our human existence.

It is okay to exhibit resentment predicated on motivated ignorance and insensitive beliefs — all inspired by racializations. It is not okay for us to highlight the evidence and seek justice along with change in the behavior of police departments across the nation. How did this accountability issue become a “union matter”?

What is okay and not okay, is not up to we the people, it is up to them the oppressors.


It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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