Getting Away With Intellectualizing Your Own Idiocy

Has it really finally caught up with her?

Bill O’Reilly has done it. Steve Bannon has done it. Glenn Beck has done it. Laura Ingraham continues to do it. Ann Coulter is a pro at it. So why not Megyn Kelly?

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What is both trifling and amazing to me all at the same time is how Megyn Kelly and the like can get away with intellectualizing idiocy by bullying. It takes a bit of bullyragging; condescending standpoints, absurd entitlement, and a heaping of white fragility topped off with some perceived intelligence from attaining credentials and then poof! A witch appears.

“What is racist?”

“You do get in trouble if you are a white person who puts on blackface on Halloween, or a black person who puts on whiteface for Halloween. Back when I was a kid, that was O.K., as long as you were dressing up as a character.”

This witch doesn’t appear to have any fragile self-esteem issues, that sort of fragility is reserved for the concepts embedded in the identity of whiteness — a false identity. What is apparent is her narcissism — the vanity and insanity which seemingly justifies it. That she can be so inclined to use her legal argumentation skills to defend stupidity and uphold idiocy is now a well sought after skill for talk media journalism. In a March 2017 issue of TheAtlantic it exposed the skills she has come to rely on to conjure up controversy, divisiveness and ratings.

When Kelly was a litigator in high-stakes lawsuits, she learned a skill of the trade: taunting her adversaries until they snapped. “I might say something passive-aggressive just to get opposing counsel mad,” she writes. “And then when he got worked up about it, I would say calmly, ‘You seem upset. Do you need a break? We can take a moment if you’d like to step outside and get yourself together.’ ” She became “an expert in making them lose their cool.”

In a sense Kelly is simply litigating on behalf of whiteness with her faux journalism. The complicity of which has earned her tens of millions of dollars to challenge all manner of Black Lives Matter and bully that discourse when it is presented on her turf.

Kelly’s ego stroking argument for whites to feel uninhibited in donning “blackface” for Halloween is nothing more than another racialized bullying tactic. I know that it is in the nature of most lawyers to bully those they find to be unintelligent or not on par with their brand of intellect, but this lawyer turned journalist has made her prosecutorial interviewing style a defining characteristic of her punditry.

Researcher Sander Thomaes of Utrecht University in the Netherlands and his colleagues believe that bullying is the product of “normal narcissism.” That is, bullies may not have a diagnosable personality disorder, but they do display a paradoxical mix of bloated self-image and extreme emotional vulnerability. As a result of this toxic combo, narcissists engage in whatever strategies will protect their ego, including unprovoked aggression.¹

The political media complex is essentially complicit in the undeserving rise of Megyn Kelly’s witchcraft. Kelly’s infamous interview with social activist and comedian D.L. Hughley is more than just telling.

Why would NBC or any media executive then go to such expensive lengths to place her in front of the camera to perform as if she were a journalist when she is clearly incompetent and thoroughly unqualified as such? Well apparently her telegenic whiteness is so appealing to America that it can conjure up some ratings.

This woman has a pattern of being racially provocative from her talks on the topic of race. Yet even with this dud performance on NBC with less than expected ratings further declining they have managed to find some benefit of the doubt to keep her going hoping that she will either grow on us or effectively silence our racial grievances with her litigious spell.

Effective to an alarming extent this sort of intellectualization by Megyn Kelly is presented in pseudo-rational justifying bullshit followed by a distinctive pattern of aggressive bullying on her part due to journalistic turf rights.

And this intellectual bully is still getting away with millions of dollars worth of lunch money. Her apparent removal from the air is being negotiated. Incredible how you can negotiate your own firing. Some comments wrongly suggest that this isn’t about blackface at all it is about NBC not wanting to have to pay her what’s left of her $69 million dollar contract. A perversion of the law ensues as she lawyers up.

Tamron Hall and Al Roker, the hosts who previously had her time slot, made less than half of Kelly’s salary with higher ratings. — Business Insider

Here we find ourselves in the midst of motivated ignorance — a sincere fiction that plays out in defense of this perceived “deep-seated hatred for white people” instigated of course by people of color. This is what Megyn Kelly essentially sold to this network and they bought it by settling for less.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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