Good dialogue in deed Stephanie Jo. You have said more than a mouthful when it comes to how we choose to communicate and what we can infer from our differences in sensitive dialogues. I imagine that effective communcation is foremost predicated on valuing the dialogue in and of itself.

I could have easily found some of Jeff’s inferences in his remarks I have highlighted as more dismissive of the historical plight and present concerns of minorities in this country, but I chose to preserve the dialogue, keep it open per se. Because what we do in the present is indicative of what we have truly learned from our past and how committed we are to a better future.

“We’re not sure how it occurred, who’s to blame, or if we can ever truly overcome it. But shrugging it off and failing to recognize how the past has likely jaded our present makes us idiots.”

How it occurred and who is to blame is just as evident as how we can overcome it. What is lost in translation is the preoccupation with control.

The appeal of America and its constitution is that we can come together to establish and overcome states of oppression, through our freedom of expression with diversity and not succumb to despair over what seems unrepairable. The talking heads and elected representatives of our constituencies seem to inveigle us with community interpretations of homolingualisms.

In fact all of what ails us is repairable. This notion that discussions about race is uncomfortable is a discrediting tactic. It is quite misleading to begin with and is a cop-out of wanting to advance our humanity. Characteristics of the human condition that absolves these conflicts pale in comparison to all the virtues of our existence.

So it is just a welcoming first step of many to have on this journey of life that we all share in differing capacities and in differing environments. One can only hope that it evolves the pre-conditioned mindset of isolation in a false reality of perceivable comfort for a particular group and their self-preservation. Embracing diversity ensures that humanity can persist. The world is truly bigger than what it is conveniently made out to be (Black and White) and discomfort from being mislead and miseducated comes with that realization.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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