Great comparative analysis you presented with your harmless prejudice towards sushi in your essay that should go a long way in how it is distinguished between the more deadly and harmful prejudice of racializations Marley K.

I read an incredibly insightful and revealing exposè by Lecia Michelle 📃, who spoke to those harmful white friendships that are tainted by motivated ignorance and insensitive beliefs.

I commented that…

Many of these white friendships are socially manufactured in and by motivated ignorance, using the tools of white supremacy, designs of entitlement, and labor of racism, and in differing stages of its production and social activity to produce this large scale phenomena of callousness is this immoral identity juxtaposed among moral sensibilities.

Since friendships cultivate social cohesion, initiate instances of reproduction, encourage empathy, and strengthen interdependence, the misemployment of its virtues have categorically impaired our civility, honesty, generosity, and kindness for one another. And in its suppression we all suffer from the effects of callousness and cognitive dissonance that betray moral sensibilities.

If we all commit to being smarter, more respectful, and more open as you say, we can also be better friends, better neighbors, and thus better Americans.

It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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