Great perspective coming from this piece. Unfortunately many minorities would be skeptical to such a race reversal as a viable solution as it were, when having to actually endure under the prevailing racial construct to this day. This tepidity is a result of generationally conditioned marginalization. It would take a massive global undertaking to psychologically unlearn the environment that we manage to persist in because of the false consciousness of most whites.

There are many who fully subscribe to the notions, stereotypes, and sincere fictions that surround capitalism and its racial belief systems. One of the most absurd notions around is that rich people are the job creators. This was the death knell for Occupy Wall Street, remember them? This is primarily due to the fact that not only are we victims of the system in place, we are also simultaneously its supporters due to the cost-benefit analysis. I am drawing on the system justification theory here, whereby outgroup favoritism and its phenomena is difficult to overcome because generally the precedent has been set.

Since capitalism grossly posits the belief through various laws and regulations that resources are in deed scarce, which commiserate with the minority’s lack of material wealth comparably by consensus, we are subjected to the status quo and must recognize the opportunity cost and benefit which will have you end up foregoing the utility of pursuing more egalitarian and socially capitalistic ventures as mentioned in this piece from the Absurdist.

As noble as Mr. Hannula’s suggestions sound I would be remiss in not pointing out the inherent difficulties with forming more diversely “successful” companies that would counterweight the majority white-male dominated national and global corporations in an effort to reimagine the prevailing belief system. Please believe that the overturning of the apple cart has always been attempted and pursued with oftentimes dastardly results due to the pervasiveness of the racial social construct of the broader society and its adherence. Since it takes money to make money it would seemingly be a exercise in futility.

It is in these types of conversations that you may see an end to racism come to fruition by exposing the truth, and comprehending its machinations and dangerous repercussions. I mentioned outgroup favoritism earlier but ingroup favoritism which is evidently robust amongst whites because they hold higher status in society offer the inverse perspective of regard and engagement. Under the racial construct which leads us into a feedback loop, minorities more engagingly embrace outgroup favoritism (whites)due to the socioeconomics and acculturation perspectives as well as their teeming control of media which deceptively disseminates these views more positively and widely( ingroup favoritism). The Internet has now disrupted this readily accepted norm and has contributed heavily in fostering racial discussions.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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