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Most would say that Blacks and minorities have a very localized view in the appearance of interests comparatively contrasted from the stark worldly view of nationalistic, conservative intellectual whites and their interests, namely in and peripherally surrounding the republican party (this includes some democrats). They are repulsed by the narrow focus on dismantling subtle institutional privilege, bias and discrimination which carry racial transgressions that are recurring in some proportions of and from the past. This view also encompasses the newly instituted and concurrently proposed LGBTQ rights also in waiting. This world view doesn’t have an appreciation for its symbolism, and unfortunately this localized view is relegated to an extraction of political gains rather than a remedy for caustic inequality. Inequality is actually viewed with the same skepticism and derisiveness as climate change by the ruling majority, especially when it portends a wealth redistribution in the form of taxes, or government entitlement. You can come up with statistical data or plausible incidences to solidify and embolden your stance for change and restitution of civil rights, but it is seen as theory and does not resonate as explicit fact to the opposition. This, expressly when in looking through their eyes have painfully lived through the presidency of a Black man.

The more worldly view of America’s waning influence and place in the world speaks to their perception that this localized view has been a distraction that President Trump will not be sidetracked by. Globalization which is more realistic, has taken and exported countless jobs, created a trade imbalance, and has invited terrorism via immigration into the hearts and minds of Americans, is seen ultimately as contributing to these deep-seated divisions, and in contrasting with ideas of what America is supposed to be. This strong national affliction has been promulgated by traditional status quo political parties that are primarily viewed as corruptible. When casted in the backdrop of President Obama’s foreign policies of ‘leading from behind’; the red line in Syria; not cashing in on the ‘Arab Spring’; the withdrawal from Iraq, and Afghanistan, or the annexation of Crimea by Russia and its lead in the Syrian war, along with China’s increased influence and economic edge, it becomes more and more evident that the apolitical, nationalistic, right-winged approach should get us to refocus on America…again.

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However, this is not entirely without some merit and whether this prevailing vision is truly effective remains to be seen, but the costs to the proposed campaign’s benefits will be more and more evident in light of Trump moving forward with the construction of the proposed wall along the border with Mexico, and his targeting of sanctuary cities that offer refuge to illegal immigrants. It will be at the expense and the offence to Native Americans with the continuation of pipeline projects for Dakota Access and Keystone XL which also offend well-meaning environmentalists. This also serves as a contradiction in America’s leading role in its international cooperative for a sustainable global environment and its initiatives.

It is hard not to see the symbolism of the new administration’s dismissive approach and attitudes towards the concerns of minority groups. It is essentially a subjugation to the overarching imperative of America first values. Trump’s cherry-picking of a few minority cabinet members to carryout his missives in what many may view as treasonous in fashion is superficially effective (See Ben Carson, or former S.C. governor Nikki Haley) and does counter any condescension to that regard. This among many to come I am sure, but these in particular are incredibly slick moves to Trump’s credit.

Will a more robust self-promoting, safer residing, job-filled, stronger-willed America reflect a happier, and fulfilled American citizenry during the course of Trump’s presidency? This is inarguably an agreeable sentiment for the future in phrasing. Will those common bonds that should bind while we reach for theses goals diminish a thriving legacy of marginalization and inequality of wealth and opportunity? So far this is not clear, but time will tell. Whether you want to give Trump a chance or not is irrelevant. How we choose to handle it and get through it together or not seems paramount.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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