Ha!, okay so with your supposition in mind I will tackle your question…

Do you (all) think this mindset is strictly a result of accumulated wealth or is there a genetic hiccup that allows these people to truly not care?

I am uniquely an Independent who is a realist, that appears to lean Democrat only because this binary political system intentionally leaves little choice for the electorate so as to ensure maximum control of the population.

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Secondly, there is an obvious reason why the accumulation of wealth is so concentrated among so very few. It is truly an exclusive group who can afford to assist the government in writing the rules of the zero-sum game also known as regulations. There are things that the wealthy espouse which in turn create obstacles, limit social mobility, or just outright disadvantage the rest of us. They do not want too much competition in the marketplace and they perceive excessive taxation as a form of class warfare that is unfair to them. Think no-compete contracts, corporatism, and excessive lobbying, and it not merely just a “genetic hiccup”, it is learned behavior and the precedent has already been set.

They only care when or if they could perceivably start losing wealth or feel that the redistribution makes them vulnerable to competition in the long run. They will acquiesce just enough to ward off imminent anarchy.

**Competition increases the likelihood of expanding the middle class and expanding the share of wealth. This is something that most politicians are silent about addressing. We can speculate why but it won’t take long to figure out if you are self-aware and are of sound mind.

Another thing to consider with this particular mindset is how easily their id/ego metastasizes around their radioactive wealth — essentially enveloping the conscious and pre-conscious — causing the death of the super ego when observing the psychological behaviors of the wealthy (again not all, but definitely most).

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