Happy 4th my dear. We should all have a safe and trouble-free holiday and reimagine ourselves as truly one nation celebrating our independence together going forward.

It is so troubling however to see our military on display not just for politically motivated reasons but also for ideological identitarian reasons that undercuts the democracy they actually signed up to defend.

Everyone should know that the display does not signal the might of the U.S. to the world per se, because the world is quite aware of even the clandestine arsenal and its destructive power. It is however an act of passive aggressive intimidation targeted at those Americans who resist and oppose President Trump right here in the U.S..

The military acts as a intimidating enforcer for the President. They are sworn to strict allegiance. There are those who have served and continue to serve thinks that the Trump’s Independence Day military parade as appreciation. They don’t see it as demanding that appreciation They don’t see Trump using them like pawns in his sick delusional despotic game.

Sgt. First Class Leroy Petry, who lost part of his arm in a battle in Afghanistan in 2008, said on “Fox & Friends First” that he sees it as a great way for the nation to say “thank you” to those who serve.

“So, thank you President Trump for honoring all of our veterans,” said Petry, recalling that Vietnam veterans returned to a mostly ungrateful country and he appreciates when people thank him for his service.

There are plenty of countries where soldiers obsessively demand respect from the very same citizens they have sworn to defend and protect. They often go around terrorizing citizens knowing that the president or authoritarian will have their back. It is as if they want militaristic immunity amongst us when they return. Meanwhile this idea that they are not being appreciated is false. The government may have under appreciated them but not the citizens. at least in my experience I have never witnessed that.

This brainwashing happens little by little and it starts with someone like Trump.

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