Happy to meet your acquaintance here MarieG and I get it. (I find it easier to type the @ symbol followed by a few letters of the name and it usually pops up and then you could choose) No worries on the spelling at all.

I am despairingly concerned and just as annoyed as you are by the behaviors and attitudes of the adults in charge that you have mentioned. This ‘turning back of the clock’, and the pointed remarks about women and their patriarchally-subjective gendered roles in particular, is a sociopolitical ruse that discomfits me as a male to hear and see. Such crassness on display is unbecoming. Are they really thinking of our future generations? No, not at all. Are they perpetuating inequality instead? Yes, emphatically!

I am however, comforted by your spunky awareness. Our voices, whether heard or seen and read via writing, and any other expression of resistance is reassuring and counts in more ways than none. As we regroup and refocus on ameliorating this black swan event, the coalescing of our thoughts and rational understanding is the right example to put forth. Spinoza said it best…

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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