Here is where you are misreading things. You choose to ignore the pretext to that commentary with the author. It is as if I am not allowed to mention Jewish people, or that for the most part they should be considered the exception. Jewish people are not the exception. They are merely humans. Born humans first, and inevitably and unexceptionally will expire as such last.

Our humanity trumps not only the socially constructed identity of race it eclipses any orthodoxy or orthopraxy of societal development in recorded history. Our humanity is predicated on our interdependence and inherent responsibilities of free will — especially as Americans — whom nearly mirror the world diaspora in terms of mixed population.

That should be the utmost reason why American Jewish people as well as anybody else should be marching for civil rights or defending other disadvantaged or marginalized peoples here or abroad.

If you have even read any of my articles that I have written you would know that this serves as my mantra and that I do not wholly subscribe to any particular hierarchical subgrouping — racialized or not. I appreciate the heterogeneity in humanity up until the point where they seek to differentiate, or alienate amongst themselves from being merely human. Or in other words begin to behave poorly and act stupidly.

Since we live, pray, work, play, and participate in the building and preservation of the spirit of this country it should also behoove us as Americans to appreciate this fact as a nation united and not reach for cultural or religious artifacts to stand out in some preferential order of importance.

And one more thing. In your unnecessary defense of Jewish people (of whom are in my family), and in your disturbing attempts at gaslighting me you mention that…

We don’t need you to brand us because some freaky nerd Outlier like Miller weaseled his way into power with Trump and denies his ancestry.

and this…

You are the one making an easy target of Jews using two examples that do not represent who we are. Miller is a miscreant. And Jared is a privileged rich boy raised by a wheeler dealer father who ended up in prison.

Au contraire, people like Stephen Miller, Jared Kushner and the like are rife in the White House and beyond. Apparently you underestimate the number of stupid individuals given in any group (whites, blacks, latinos, muslim, catholics, jews, evangelicals…etc.) and in circulation everywhere.

The first of Cipolla’s Basic Laws of Stupidity

  1. Always and inevitably everyone underestimates the number of stupid individuals in circulation.

You should reconsider picking your battles.

Also read this and have a better day.

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