Hey, Social Distancing Measures Are Just Temporary

But some people feel that their personal rights are being threatened by this public service announcement to stop the spread of covid-19

I’m not sure why they feel the way they do during the height of a pandemic — when positive cases of infection are steadily increasing in number and more lives are being lost daily than at any other time since the covid-19 virus was discovered a few months ago.

I’m not sure why reasonable health safety measures can now be seen as a constitutional hazard or are being conflated as such. I’m not even sure how such a false equivalence is rationalized as being productive, substantiated or even warranted when beforehand in that very same scenario of pre-social distancing mode the spread of the disease brought us to this very same point of pandemic crisis.

I’m not sure how any of this can be rationalized to make plausible sense amid the novel occurrence and unmitigating spread of the covid-19 virus. I do however, know that independent of how rich one may be or subjectively how successful a person is characterized to be, it still does not automatically disqualify them from being profoundly stupid in reasoning or exempt from being objectively cast as dense and incompetent when they observingly act behave in stupid ways that are detrimental to themselves and to broader society.

The gross politicized power and influence of those bewildering tweets stem from the lack of any rational structure to it and the fact that it lacks basis and came out of nowhere empirically, it becomes a surprise attack on those who are defenseless to such motivated ignorance of insensitive beliefs and collective solipsistic individualism.

I don’t know why the president doubled down on a nonexistent threat to the 2nd Amendment during a health pandemic. When a WSJ reporter asked “Is this the right time to kind of bring in a Second Amendment issue?”, the president responded like this…

I’m not sure why a society that is predicated on basis of coming together under the pursuit of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness would want to counter that in the same breath by arming themsleves to destroy life, liberty, and hamper the pursuit of happiness primarily through homicidal notions.

I am also not sure why White House Advisor Stephen Moore thinks of those anti-social distancing protestors around the country in the past few days are no different than civil rights protestors such as Rosa Parks.These people are not the same and this is another false equivalence device to render those who are impatient, foolish or uninformed to be irrationally defiant of public safety guideline that helps to prevent them from being infected with the covid-19 virus and overwhelming hospitals that are already stretched thin. Once again independent of education, success, and position Moore’s remarks are inexcusably deplorable and asinine. Not only is Moore’s mediocrity evident because of the way non-stupid people always underestimate and are unaware of the damaging power of stupidity but his flagrancy with it seems to have a legitimating Matthew Effect by way of motivated ignorance.

Many Trump supporters fail to see the contradictions and dangerous thought proccesses embedded in this administration and in the president himself. I’m not sure that this protestor here in the pic below is that aware. I’m not sure that this individual and others of the same like could knowingly and willingly agree with Moore or is just uninformed or is just plain stricken with the kind of stupidity that is almost entirely incurable like certain viruses.

While it is a choice, for you as an individual, to ignore, disbelieve, or be uninformed about the social environment for which you belong to and are interdependent upon for your livelihood and quality of life, it should behoove you to weigh that choice at a minimum — and be grateful that it is even a choice to make at all. There is nothing honorable or nationalistic in being cavalier about public health safety which serves not only to protect the sovereignty and existence of the nation and its general public, but also to protect yourself and your loved ones.

I’m not sure why there is this comprehension deficit when it comes to our health systems, which are decentralized and broadly inconsistent, not uniform, or not universal when it comes to healthcare delivery and adequacy of basic to complex medical equipment. From this epidemic we see that supply and demand is predicated more so on cost efficiencies with suppliers or manufacturers rather than on the tangible, foreseeable emergent socialization of peristence of our humanity based of an increasingly globalized socioeconomic human society suscepticle to systemic health risk events. There is also a shortage of sufficient staffing for adequate coverage and expediency towards a nationwide response to a pandemic.

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I’m not sure why the basic data and its summation does not resonate with some people in terms of how serious the pandemic is and why social distancing is warranted for its mitigation. According to the latest information reported by CNN but culminated by Johns Hopkins University Center for Systems Science and Engineering, the United States has 737,319 cases and 39,135 deaths counted thus far. This, knowing that there are many who have died unaccounted for for a variety a reasons which goes without stating and that many possible cases have gone untested — whether it was mild or asymptomatic we will never truly know. But we do know this — testing has been woefully inadequate for a country of its stature in the world, and terribly inefficient for the scope and scale required to handle this pandemic.

This I do know. We have beome highly susceptible to stupidity. We are highly susceptible to misinformation and its misapprehension. Susceptible to hate and inequality. We are prone to violence and uncaring. Prone to deception and groupthink ideology, convincingly, as some means of safety or sense of belonging. Surely, most of us should know that the kind of dangerous stupidity that we can easily avoid has contributed majorly to our circumstances.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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