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The question you pose is one I have wrestled with and I believe it is reflected in my writing as well as in yours. While it is empathetic and rational I feel it borders on pandering to this contingent of whites who are mainly motivated by ignorance. They more aptly require de-racialization therapy. I think there is a real hidden danger in the way we convey deliberative and dispassionate discourse about the empiricism of racism and its Matthew effect of negative socializing behavior.

Injustice, unfairness, and oppression, to name just a few, are not just harbingers of incivility and civil strife, it portends this human digression into chaos. While there is and has been change, that change does not necessarily imply progress. Progress is an improvement in human well-being. And in zero sum fashion, a contingency of whites seem to consider that change from slavery and overt Jim Crow era existence was to the benefit of Blacks and other people of color at their expense.

Again, the much needed de-racialization therapy should be compulsory.

[Whiteness]… the identity held is based on the imposition of an inferior existence. One that is to be marginalized in order to substantiate the self-delusion.

Unbeknownst to them now, those who benefited or seek to benefit from these and similar crimes against humanity were always in danger — physically and psychologically. The true costs, if it were ever analyzed, would have seen any short-term myopic benefit derived to be at a net total loss to the larger (interdependent) society as well as to themselves.

The type of reasoning that fuels the vanity and insanity of whites is clearly incompatible with humanity. There is near universal agreement or it is widely acceptable that equality, justice and liberty is an improvement to human well-being and thus progress.

However, this Making America Great Again tort, or subversion of democracy is confounded by a misapplication of liberty and the pursuit of happiness entitled and privileged by no empirical evidence thereof, just the pseudo-profoundness of their existential whiteness.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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