Hi MarieG, …so kind of you☺️. Let me start off my saying I agree with you and I too think that feeding them to the alligators would constitute animal poisoning which would make us terrible in the end on our part. LOL

Mr. Mulvaney’s thought process is indicative of an extremely capitalistic notion about the free rider problem which is a fallacious concept to apply to accessible health coverage. The moral hazard is actually not doing everything we can to ensure that we have a healthy productive nation that can sustain its status in the world. Instead Mr. Mulvaney would like to decide and punish those who he feels are not worthy of basic human needs.

Again running a country is not like running a business. Government is not to market or target certain groups it wants to serve. The government cannot and should not be seen as a profit-based nor non-profit based entity. The government ensures that there is a level playing field for all to engage in as a functioning and thriving society. Mr. Mulvaney, like most republicans, would like to continue to simply pick out and do for who they perceive as favorable Americans and advantage them over other Americans. Many of our societal ills are created by and perpetuated by that very same belief system.

It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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