Hmmm…A Thing About That Gayle King Interview On Kobe Bryant With Lisa Leslie

This has me reaching into my hard drive of chunes as a response to what is most emphatically a lack of conscience and a ton of gall.

This is Damian “Junior Gong” Marley…Nuff said.

And to Ms. Felcia Sonmez who has apparently sought to decontextualize through abrupt criticism — not with journalistic integrity but in the crass judgement she sought to lay upon not only Kobe Bryant but his family, the NBA and its fanbase, and quite possibly the entire race to which Kobe is associated with. Sonmez’s endgame still defies any moral reasoning but to be hypercritical over something no one actually forgot, but did empathetically forgave in light of his profound maturity and commitment to his family post controversy.

Excerpt of the lyrics by Junior Gong that accentuate the point.

Today might be for you
But Jah might give me tomorrow
So don’t count your eggs too fast
You might talk too soon
Then yuh pride haffi swollow
Come down off your big high horse
Some preaching religion
When inside dem hollow
And a bare judgment them pass
And a gwan like dem a God
When that’s a hard act to follow
Be careful who you nail pon cross

Be careful who you nail pon cra wa wa woss
Be careful who unnu nail pon cross

Learn to love and respect one another, it will have a Matthew Effect.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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