How can the American public place so much faith in Trump as their president?

What is behind this leap of faith in a charlatan and demagogue who is not well read on the concept and virtue of policy, and has a penchant for erroneous contradiction by way of a tweet, or with his own spoken words? The more I try to delve into his thought process, the more dubiousness I find that gets dredged up instead. Trump is simply convinced of only himself; he is self-ordained in that sense. While the President-elect continues to proselytize his misconceptions of the globalization and climate change phenomena by ridicule of the government policy-making efforts surrounding its apparent effects, it seemingly provides a conspiratorial advantage, by supposedly attributing to it a theory of a weakening American might in the world. A historical imperialistic might — that would make America great again, and that only Trump can restore with protectionist tendencies that showcase his paternalistic flare.

Faith Captured

rump’s charlatanry, which is inherently invidious, has promulgated the scapegoating of reformative immigration laws and efforts, as calculus towards Muslims, and Mexicans specifically, by way of fear and loathing (terrorism and job stealing) in exchange for ascertainable electoral votes. The inveiglement has inspired nationalistic sentiment into the hearts and minds of those who underestimate the complexities of an increasingly interconnected and interdependent world. Trump’s unwitting support are essentially his narcissistic supply whom have deemed him as the answer to what they have overly simplified as government dysfunction and overreach, heightened by Barack Obama’s presidency, no doubt. A presidency that Trump has once previously sought to delegitimize with birtherism.

Whenever I hear people saying that our problems would be solved without government, I always want to tell them you need to go to some other countries where there really is no government, where the roads are never repaired, where nobody has facilitated electricity going everywhere even where it’s not economical, where — the postal system doesn’t work, or kids don’t have access to basic primary education. That’s the logical conclusion if, in fact, you think that government is the enemy.

President Barack Obama

Clearly, leadership on the magnitude of president of the United States — a leader of the free world, or more emphatically, being the most powerful man on earth has narcissistic value and with that comes its burdens of humility. Most of that burden also comes with a perceivable and accountable trust ingrained into holding such high office. This translates into an apolitical trust in the President-elects’s sound judgement. Trump’s judgment, insofar, on prevailing issues surrounding national security, economic policy and immigration is sufficiently lacking, and observingly, should unequivocally be a principal concern for us all. The judgement we see thus far is a manifestation of Trump’s overcompensating for legitimacy on winning the electoral college for president of the United States, of which should be a bygone conclusion, yet it still resonates with him albeit, in a very mean spirited and petty way, which tends to obfuscate real issues of concern.

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This gratuitous benefit of the doubt being bestowed unto Trump as being worthy and fit to preside and succeed the oath of office with the propriety and aptitude that President Barack Obama will leave behind is remarkable. The incoherency of it not only seems analogous to the fanatical comeuppance in Hitler and Mussolini, it more importantly, also drives the accompanying resistance that eventually ended those campaigns. I have yet to see evidence of this sort of introspection in Trump as he is merely within days of becoming the Commander-in-chief of the world’s leading democratic and economic power.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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