How you have persevered is both encouraging and remarkable and I do not intend to discount that one bit. In fact, you are exchanging words with what many on here including some of my associates outside of this forum have likely perceived to be a very uppity “negro” or Black man. Whatever this means — based on varying interpretations by them is of no consequence to me. It is laughable though. I know who I am and I know where I am coming from.

But me being driven to transcend the raciality of being black is not based on wanting to denigrate, isolate from, nor ignore those who have too been left disabled, disenfranchised, or debilitated by white supremacy and racism. I don’t cast an ounce of blame nor categorically put it that there is this poverty of mind or victim of mentality on my fellow disadvantaged humans. They could not all have rationally made this choice and this would be a terrible label to suggest that they are all not of sound mind. You would indeed be complicit in white supremacy if you were to honestly believe this.

They, like you and I, are in fact victims. Victims however, of a system that does not care about them in the same way it does for European Americans or so-called whites. That corruptive force of injustice or privilege has bestowed upon them as a collective — a Matthew Effect.

This silly social construct historically shows that they have accumulated much advantage by systemically disadvantaging others. It has a cumulative effect to their ill-gotten benefit as seen in the institutions that dole out their advantage and serve to protect it.

One thing that you have failed to mention in your generalization of Africans and Asians is the role of chance. Your assimilation into these groups simply initiated for you a Matthew Effect to which you became a beneficiary of. This is why you would be hard-pressed to fully credit yourself in some Horatio Alger twist.

Talent, skill, heart and determination only enhance the probability, or increase the odds of the casual occurrence of luck bestowed — whether positive or negative.

Disappointment, despair, and disillusionment may occur for those who are merely casualties of a very negative Matthew Effect to which little to no benefit is accumulated by no fault of their own.

It is very difficult to face headwinds when you have not benefitted from some tailwinds in your journey.

While it certainly helps to be talented and hardworking, there is quite a bit of proof that suggests otherwise demonstrating that it isnʼt necessarily a prerequisite. Just name anyone famous or rich. Especially from the same people you indicate as impoverished mentally. My view is that those minds rather have been corrupted by this system. What you also may be falsely interpreting is societal fatigue in trying to attain social capital. Not everyone is born with the same gumption or wherewithal to sustain such corrupting adversity. Some are addled by a constant influx of cognitive dissonance in evolving societal norms.

I have highlighted several points you made and in those instances it is clear that you withstood corrupting adversity. You worked to correct the system, you worked to challenge the system, and you worked to engage the system. You presented fair representation and demanded fair treatment. You were not dissuaded by the effects of racism, nor its affects. This is no different from what I and many others have been discussing, writing, calling out, or protesting about.

Know that this provides resolve for those who need: that persuasion, that influence, that collective sense, that collective spirit, that push, that nod, that acknowledgement, that motivation, that guidance, that pull, that example, that presence for their Matthew Effect to turn positive in order to benefit them not just as a begotten race or subgroup, but as fellow human beings.

Peace bro and I appreciate you sharing.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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