Hype sells and the Internet has a way of turning things of little artistic value into something overly inflated. What should be seen as a weak rebuttal by Drake has turned out to be this great slaying for which many mostly perceive as sharp-witted, but in all actuality without the sharpness.

There is also incredible bias in the expectant outcome of this would be beef. It is incredibly biased favoring Drake regardless of how well Meek Mills responds. But as his name suggests his approach from the onset of the would-be beef was meekly made. It would be an uphill battle from the start because most people would rather perceive Nicki Minaj and Drake as the premier hip-hop couple.

The effect of that psychological motivation and expectation alone creates the perception bias inherent to this situation. So moving along nothing to see or hear here.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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