I absolutely agree with your assessment here and most of those very same people are unable to determine whether someone like you is a keeper, or is someone worthy of sticking with to the end. It is presumed that it is easier tell who would be bad for us, but likewise many are unable to detect who would be good for us especially in the long run.

There is also this Dunbar’s number idea that theorizes that we each have a cognitive limit to the number of people we can sustain stable relationships with. That number (150) is way too high for me. I read in the HuffPost one day that the number is actually 5 at any given time. That is too low for me.

Another factor arising is that humans are notoriously jealous of, and selfish with their relationships which mangles communication. Those reactions tend to gas up the affable and personable leaving them vulnerable to abuse and or neglect.

It is very complex — which once agaisn as you pointed out “some people aren’t really sure how to treat others”. Some people also didn’t mature well. Some people need to unlearn a lot stuff. And some people are emotionally damaged. Some people based their relationship on a perceived advantage and once that advantage waned they purposefully destroyed the relationship.

Such factors aren’t excuses it is something that we have all had to come to terms with.

Thank you for writing such thought provoking pieces. I really do appreciate these moments to correspond with you Tre.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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