I Am Almost Certain That If He Pulls A Gun Out On You And Fires Collusive Forces Will Exonerate Him

You should be more than just alarmed by that

You should be more alarmed if you are in the sights of President Trump as House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff is. With the sort of rhetoric coming from the leader, of our country, it is not surprising that we will be on edge for some time as he begins target practice. If the president is declaring the conclusion of the Mueller investigation (see list of indictments and plea deals below) a victory, then I have no idea as to what kind of unsolicited, mental gymnastics game we are playing here.

If we are indeed playing a game of games involving cultural collusion (which I believe we are), then victory in Trump’s America is valid and has been validated. Finding sufficient evidence to the collusion that was alleged to have taken place between Donald J. Trump and Russia is nearly impossible to uncover and thus prove because of the tacit or implicit nature of the circumstances and or events that did in fact or observably took place.

The activities uncovered during the investigation triggered President Trump to act, and behave in a manner that exemplified some egregious misconduct on his part and even had him viscerally obstruct justice conspicuously throughout the two year long special counsel investigation.

Combine this with the political emotives conflated by the ever-present institutional bias that precipitate our national sentiment, and it makes collusion that much difficult to discern. The implicitness of such phenomenal collusion amidst all the conspiracy-making on both or all sides is formidable just in scale alone. It would be a tedious exercise to take into account all the social cues emanating from the conclusion of the Mueller investigation that puts us in all kinds of Prisoner’s Dilemma scenarios.

Summarily, finding collusion that is this culturally tacit is not an exact science. Rather, it is remarkably commonplace in the ebb and flow of our sociopolitical lives. For example, many of us driving around in cars don’t realize that there is much collusion afoot between the car manufacturer and the dealerships that ultimately determine the price (MSRP is nonsense). This is such a foregone conclusion that the mere mention of protesting it or opting for better consumerism would be in vain. That is the way I feel about the impeachment and removal of the president. Albeit, I still maintain that at a minimum Trump should simply have been impeached or congressionally rebuked about a dozen times already.

Collusion takes hold when two (or more) individuals co-opt their values and ethics to support their own — and others’ — mis-deeds. Allowing another’s collusion, by omission or commission, is a mis-deed! Think enabler.

When colluding or enabling collusion, we allow ourselves and others to engage in unethical or inappropriate (not to mention potentially self-destructive) behaviors in order to gain acceptance, approval, recognition or security and to feel emotionally and psychologically safe. — Peter Vajda

Collusion is not colloquially a social term, it is more so an economic term where it is studied and written about more intensively. Its application in the criminal justice system is suffice it to say less than compelling. Collusion is not considered unlawful and that alone is a lot to wrap your head around. This report from the Brookings Institution — a nonprofit public policy organization in Washing D.C. — describes it succinctly this way.

The president and his proxies have frequently advanced the claim that such coordination, even if it occurred, would not be unlawful. Their refrain that “collusion is not a crime” is in one sense correct. Collusion is not a single crime. It is instead a rubric that encompasses many possible offenses.We detail some of the principal ones in this report.

Not only that, but this presidency in particular has been incentivized by all the possible offenses made cogent through the resulting indictments from the Mueller probe. Couple that with the seemingly authoritarian standing argument used that a sitting president in legal circular reasoning constitutionally can never be tried and we have collusion personified.

So if you happen to be on Fifth Avenue or near one his rallies when the President is in town without your MAGA hat on and he starts loading his gun — RUN!

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Trump: “I could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot SOMEBODY and I wouldn’t lose voters”

Listen to the laughter from the crowd😳

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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