I am not only incensed by the way this tragedy has unfolded but also at the way it is being revealed by a disingenuously latent and complicit media complex.

I am also incensed by the institutional callousness of moral apathy in the concern shown for children in this instance of color under the reported abusive guardianship of two white women.

I am incensed by this otherwise slow pace to judgement that is being skeptically applied to the investigation and reporting of this tragedy as if the possibility of this being a crime against humanity perpetuated by the reportedly abusive guardians — of whom are racially white and female could instinctively be unfathomable. Comparative reporting of Blacks or persons of color in this instance would not be provided that much benefit of the doubt and are stereotypically presumed barbaric from the start.

I appreciate your awareness on this Ezinne. Stay blessed.

It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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