I applaud and cosign your actions. I stand by your decision to safeguard your community by following state and local guidelines during this pandemic. In the process you were also safeguarding your own neighbor’s health, unbeknownst to them. Your actions do not portend an infringement on your white neighbors’ rights or freedoms at all, but their actions — as if they are the exception — which led to you making the call do infringe on not only the health but the right and freedoms of you and your community.

Many of us Brown and Black folk do have anxieties about living in majorly white spaces. This is disappointing because it sort of self deprives us of our own freedom of expression and pursuit of happiness in these settings by being overly concerned about what they think or feel when they see us in these spaces. We know that when they see us their sensibilities are based on their racialized politics, behaviors and attitudes.

However, we end up inadvertently placating them in these settings and emboldening them by inducing the vanity and insanity of whiteness. By being self-conscious and or docile around them we appease them. We hear, read and speak about white people fears but not much weight and concern is shown about the anxieties and fears of being surrounded by a majority of belief insensitive and motivatingly ignorant white people, which evidently is a real issue.

There is a psychosocial cost to it that lends itself to self-imposing the same double standard whites use on us. This contributes to the vicious cycle of racism and fortunately in this instance you were able to break out of it by expressing your equal rights and freedoms, even if it is in an instance of common sense and community welfare.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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