I appreciate your response Emjay and in no way am I implying or inferring that what you feel is invalid in anyway. I suspect that many of us — myself included — are indeed disenchanted with “movements and leaders who want the power that accompanies Black women, but consistently fail to, in turn empower Black women.” I also suspect that this empowerment comes by way of respect, opportunity, and inclusion that affords you the esteem that is worthy of your contributions and fortitude.

And yet somehow, Black women are not being compensated or provided enough of a platform for their invaluable worth and contributions to our society. Instead they are predominately caricaturized in some form or another. And sadly in too many instances, there is an ill-advised contingent of Black males that have enabled this. These Black men need to unlearn what they tacitly identify as a coping mechanism in their pursuit of fulfillment and reconsider the presumption of a zero-sum game being played here. We do not have to feel like we have to give up something (fortitude, pride and or self-worth) when it comes to treating “your sister with decency, respect, and fairness.” However, many are decidedly distracted by fleeting myopic pursuits to avoid being marginalized.

It would be disingenuous not to highlight how wealth and the lack thereof, brings out the worst in people in certain settings and in certain communities. It plays an integral role in such a way that it also impoverishes the mind, especially in a staunch and leading capitalistic society like the US. That and the fact that my educational background derives from the study of socioeconomics is why I give the connotation that it somewhat boils down to “dollars and cents”, and my apologies if this came off as more materialistic than spiritual or in lacking humanity in regard to my aforementioned response. Again, thanks for sharing.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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