I believe that the world is not blind and by the looks of our politics in all its discontent, can see clearly that we are a bit miffed by Trump becoming president. That annoyance comes from his total incompetence with the task to “take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed…”, and admitedly he does not have the requisite presidential decorum to preside over us. We the people, are much more civilized than this and we expect that our civility is is representative of all our elected leaders, especally the one holding the highest office in the land.

This precariously dangerous circumstance that we find our country in — and more tangibly our soldiers, is part and parcel deriving from vice and not virtue. Unfortunately there is a great deal of incompetence already baked into the discretion we afforded Trump as president who feels more so a celebrity president character of sorts. There should be no such thing to exist.

I am baffled however, that given the options laid out by our military leaders, that murdering General Qassim Suleimani was the most plauisble of the options given. And though the general has the blood of thousands including American lives on his hands, why would it not simply be more advantageous to capture and arrest the man who roamed about Iraq with impunity and try him in the international courts for the crimes he is alleged to have committed under the guise of proxies for the Iranian government. It would have allowed Allies and the like to have input on his capture/arrest and negotiate his terms for release. Much more in the way of transparency would have been achieved. This probably would have been too cerebral though for Trump who solely relies on bullet point presentations of daily briefings to conjure up as a viably strategic geopolitical solution.

Thank you as always for thoughtful commentary Sherry.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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