I can’t imagine why you would find my suggestion odd. It is merely a proposition that one could and should seemingly take advantage of with attaining such serendipity and privilege of a platform. Would there have been a more “teachable” and reinforcing moment? On the flip side as mentioned it surely would have been an opportunity for Dr. Isler to further reify what Ivanka would find as a relatively abstract experience of struggle for women of color and other people of intersectional identities in pursuit of their STEM dreams. That opportunity may have been missed due to fear (and by fear I mean fear of a truth that would make one feel shameful due to ignorance on the reverberating effect of the subject matter), who knows, but nevertheless my suggestion should inferentially be viewed as valid.

I also would extend some benefit of the doubt, some of which is being copiously laid on her father, to Ivanka if she in fact chose this route and would not assume anything nefarious to the point of discounting her sincerity with her declaration of inspiration. She would clearly be in violation of her own self-deception with it and I have the utmost confidence that after a discussion (via reaching out) with Dr. Isler her response would be more refined or legitimated, according to my perspective.

The inspiration in that alone would be exponential.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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