I chuckle as I highlight this and prepare a response.

This person comes up on my dash quite a bit. I never read any of her articles because the headlines are normally egregious and tribal.

Some people have a natural predilection for tribalism. They seem to go out of their way to be tribal — talk tribal, write tribal, and think tribal. This sort of conformity knows no bounds, especially for those who want to feel important, dispel feelings of inadequacy, or feel safe. What overwhelmingly makes them feel this way is their imagined sense of dominance over others who are humans just like them. And so they engage in all kinds of othering to make their own selves and their tribe feel adequate, safe, and important.

They are unable to see the forest for the trees. Tribes are threatened by diversity even though it is the very concept that is key to human persistence. But just like in nature where you have the occurrence of genetic disorders, you will also find this sort of negative mutation result in the rationale of humans.

Can you repair this kind of faulty mental DNA?

Sure. A unhealthy disposition and outlook is absolutely repairable by acceptance, empathy, belief sensitivity and tolerance. You take this in doses like supplements and vitamins daily, and for those who have it really bad, cultural shock treatment is good — experience and fact based evidence works wonders, like miracles even.

But if you refuse treatment for it you become stricken by it like a disease. A self-inflicted disease that can irreversibly lead to a path of self destruction.

It is what it is.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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