I could not agree with you more on your statements. Trump is their leader, however, by our democratic principles and standards he has been elected to the highest post and therefore is representative of American values and spirit, by default, and quizzically Trump’s representation matters at the highest levels.

In this context, by default, as defined, means through lack of positive action rather than conscious choice. I often wonder whether enough was done to disabuse ourselves of his legitimate candidacy, or did we simply just play into their illegitimate grievances and false justifications that became rationalized by false equivalences.

Evidently, even by popular vote, we, are essentially the minority here. Our values, our diversity, and our socioeconomic priorities are misaligned with character disturbances from the electoral college vote, where their guiltless and shameless vote overrides the multicultural character building that made this country what it is today in abstract terms. I say abstract because the disturbing events that historically follows do malign the idea of rights, freedom, and equality.

It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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