I couldn't have said it any better. it is a topic that most evade for fear of being called out as anit-black. This could not be any further from the truth.

First we have been pigeon-holed into accepting a moniker we had no part in as an identity. An identity that was both derogatory and dehumanizing with double-meaning attached. As if, we were pseudo-scientifically classified as less evolved, we took it and attempted to rebrand it as a badge of honor and pride of some sort because of the shared struggles.. But we failed to realize in that same vein, we are also accepting the falsehood that we are indeed a monolith. Again, farther from the truth.

Secondly, this is just another example of how white people drive people of color or minorities crazy, both literally and figuratively. We have had to deal with colorism sparked by confusion and self-hate over the delusion that lighter is better. Once again so very far from the truth.

Thirdly, I have mentioned this before in one of my pieces. The human diapsora is wide and varied for a reason. It is best that way. Why would anyone want to live in a bland white world. The variation is fundamental to human persistence. It is also an adaptation to region and environmental. There is no benefit in aligning yourself under some scam of a social construct of race when cultural variation is found amongst subgroupings of people.

I would like to conclude with "All Black is beautiful, but all Black isn't the same" because as an interdependent group of people subjected to crimes against humanity by oppressors we observingly have been collectively viewed as the sworn enemy of whiteness. Rational and sensible whites who show some moral compunction should not want to be on the wrong side of history nor humanity when it come to this existential class war.

Appreciate this my sis.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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