I Critique Art Too

I just learned that Jim Carrey is a bit of a fine artist. Like most people, I was introduced to Mr. Carrey through his comedic acting from the variety show “In Living Color” produced by Keenen Ivory Wayans. His comedic acting artistry through absurd getups and frenetic physical comedy oscillated on vexing hilarity and in my opinion captured the show’s essence. Nowadays, Mr. Carrey is controversially known for his drawings and paintings, which I found out about, through controversy, of course. But isn’t that what makes art nowadays, art? Controversy. Yes?

Here are a couple of his controversial pieces that stood out and was worthy of some etiquette in critiquing.

I thought that this piece was quite impassioned, as Mr. Carrey pointed out he got his hands dirty for this one. Well done. He has captured this mesmerizing pall that surrounds an animated and authoritative figure. I envision this deafening accusatory tone seemingly ascribed to a polity that prompts a defensive anxiety, whether you lean supportive or dismissive.

The comments also add that layer of what Carrey may or may not have provoked in the renegade disdain of reactive finger-pointing. It is indicative of this disdainful permeation inspired by a superciliousness in our wake.

Ah!…The depiction of brusque communiqué in staunch servitude of a cultish ideologue. One wonders if this determined, emotive communication style — a sybaritic display in dominance, social status and social capital makes negativity a worthy ambition that feeds or satisfies the soul. Carrey captured a profound illustration of what I perceive as the face of meaningful misery.

This resonates with me because it is usually the lasting image I have of Ms. Hucakabee Sanders.

It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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