I feel you on that. Unfortunately Derek they just don’t get it.

And you brought up an invaluable point about the unsung instrumentality of the NAACP, which, by any standard of measure is grossly under-appreciated today.

“In spite of Obama’s debt to the civil-rights movement, the ideal of American exceptionalism is only as valid as the standing of people who have just as often been seen as exceptions to America.” —Jelani Cobb

If the Black bourgeois continue to truly believe that if it weren’t for the keen eye and charitable embrace of whites highlighting their talents groomed by their institutions of acculturation, then they are just unabashedly committed to the complicity found in their absurd bootstrapping affectations.

I would also like to quantify another point to that end. It should come as no surprise that Americans have this tendency or predilection for ahistoric nostalgia. That sort of inculcation becomes indelible with the presumed rewards of privilege and material wealth.

When critical thinking becomes abrasive to them then any comeuppance for it is sure to come and vindicate them. My riposte…

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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