I feel your anger and it is very much discomforting that this has to not only be called out but reframed. What many would like us to believe is that the racism in this country is like a benign tumor or cancer in an otherwise healthy body. This is misleading and a completely false use of an analogy. The body was never healthy to begin with. People fail to recognize and therefore never really reckon with the fact that this country’s history is predominately shaped by extensive slavery, legal segregation, blatant discrimination, and institutionalized inequality. To address is simply remove the tumor or target the cancer for treatment. The cancer that is race in this scenario is seen as a preexisting naturally causing malfunction in the body. This is something more sinister than that this involves a lobotomy. And since that won’t work either a rebirth is the only plausible cure.

Thanks for reading Ré Harris.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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