I get it. I totally get it. But in this instance — in our attempt to make sense of it all — we are not asking the right questions. That’s why the answers to them don’t seem right.

You mentioned invalidation. Invalidation is a thought-provoking word. Who is doing the invalidating and what qualifies them? What would be the set of premises behind those invalidations? People who look, think and act like Trump? That would seem to me and you, as well as an entire constituency, or planet filled with non-trump looking, thinking and acting people to be an invalid or illogical argument.

How could something like this fly though? Or better question. How does radical evil manifest itself to such great effect and outcome? That’s a good question because evil seems to be winning right now.

Bad things or bad outcomes happen for a variety of reasons that are way too tedious to explain. The same can be said of good things or good outcomes. The point I am trying to make is that the two phenomena are what is called fluid. The complexity of humans or life itself is based on this fluidity between the two, or its interrelatedness, or its synthesis. As mere humans we simply don’t have the attention-span nor the stamina to properly address or more precisely, extrapolate them.

Evil is dependent on self-centeredness, while Good is dependent on a lack of self-centeredness.

For example religion is not entirely good (Hell no!), nor is it entirely bad (Hell? no), but it is absolutely fluid.

Politics is fluid.

Parenting (as you eloquently explained in your writings Ms. Marley K.) is fluid.

Our luck — fortune and misfortune — is absolutely fluid.

We simply get caught up in the tides of this fluidity, but the moment we stop treading water or decide to stop swimming…well you know the rest.

This is where people get tripped up over Michelle and Barack Obama’s call to rise above the fray, particularly certain Blacks. They misinterpret this encouragement to be a shortcoming in their self-centeredness or lack of self-awareness. But really in truly, in their prominent roles what are they suppose to say? The opposite? Rather than choose a side we should see the fluidity.

Both of us right now with our writings are not only doing a tremendous amount of good for the Black community, we are doing the same for the white and non-white communities. We are also doing a tremendous amount of good to ourselves in the way writing can be therapeutic.

I definitely will expound on this in a future article. I also invite Bemused Observer to read our discussion.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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