I have a question. How come this piece by Tim Wise has so few claps? Could it be that we are completely surrounded by this dense white fog? Or is the truth too weighty for the likes of white fragility?

And behind the backdrop of unfettered capitalism there can be found morally corrupting opportunism that awaits those who placate this majority’s supremacist ideology with their complicity. In it we find a deafening spiral of silence that aids and abets the self detriment of dehumanization.

Critical thinking in this regard acts as a repellent to an annoying and scurrying irrationality back into their shield of darkness where they are born and are likely to multiply. We know they are out there but they surprise us at the most inopportune times and in such swarms catching us off guard. No one likes to walk around wearing this repellent all day and everyday because it distracts and is cumbersome to the psyche.

This is why Cippola’s Laws resonates with me in so many profound ways and how motivated ignorance in all its complexities highlights the harbingers of circumstances we find ourselves in towards self-destruction.

I appreciate you writing this piece Tim even as most can’t bring themselves to due to motivated ignorance and insensitive beliefs — or in other words stupidity.

It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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