I love you too Tre, I am sure many people do. What you do on so many levels is noble and I am sure you go above and beyond what the job market believes is commensurate as your salary for your position. Your worth is immeasurable when it comes to the role you play in our human interdependence.

What saddens me most is how a preponderance of us humans behave when faced with a pandemic, especially here in the U.S. The lack of care is lost on many, just for example, in the way we hoard supplies (fear-based or not) creating artificial scarcity and t hen there are some who act simply out of self interest and opportunistically turn around and resell them at preposterously higher prices above retail value — further exacerbating an artificial scarcity in many instances.

Victims to misfortune or unfortunate events in no way deserve what befalls them. That sort of just-world theorizing is ludicrous, and looking to place blame on what is essentially the dualism of nature or the yin and yang of nature, if you will, of random undesirable events that impact broader society in negative ways and outcomes, will surely and only reverberate as a Mathew effect of trial and tribulation for all of us.

What we need now more than ever is the positive and loving Matthew effect that you have initiated here.

Stay blessed Tre

It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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