I love your take on this. I believe we share the same sentiment on this Whitney, although your perspective may be a lot more forgiving than mine. Your piece does reopen my thoughts on this for further reevaluation, even though not acknowledging his so-called genius may exempt us as “haters” in this fold.

Conceding that Glover is a genius for creating art that imitates excerpts of life and then turns them into memes is absurdity. It takes a logical fallacy like perception is the reality and presents it as a moment to give pause.

As chaotic as American violence been in the past and currently is in this time perspective, it is certainly not to be seen as artistically nuanced by Glover’s depictions either. This would only be entertaining pseudo profoundness. It is rather being exploited to some degree and presented as an unchallengeable truth. If he is selling this then I am certainly not buying it.

I suppose there are benefits to reap when peddling negrophobia or a strain of anti-blackness in this obtuse manner replete with racial etiquette amongst whiteness, where I see Glover on SNL truly feeling himself as an exception to his race.

Surely, it packs in this gross “effect” with resounding residual affect, but it conspicuously blurs out or leaves out the framework or constructions built into the injustice of the social, historic, economic, and environmental factors embedded in the “cause”.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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